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When a partnership is not really a partnership

Optimisation is an important aspect of digital marketing strategy. Gone are the days of relying on TV, radio and print media which offered little transparency ...
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Incrementality is not all about new customers

There is a common misconception in the affiliate channel that incrementality means new customers. Sure, the affiliate channel is a wonderful channel for acquiring new ...
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Going alone or joining the group

Join The Crowds or Going it Alone?

Should you build your affiliate program in-house or use an external network or service? Among the first decisions to make when you decide on getting ...
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apples or organges?

Affiliate Networks vs SaaS Platforms

What is the best solution for your affiliate program and what really is the difference anyway? When looking back at the past 20 years of ...
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The Dangers Of Putting All Your Eggs In The Marketplace Baskets

If you are a merchant looking for immediate large-scale opportunity for customers to find and purchase your products, marketplaces seem like a match made in ...
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Affiliate Payment Models For Online To Offline In Financial Services

CPL or CPS: How to select the best affiliate marketing cost model when doing offline direct sales based on online generated financial services leads It ...
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3 Key Reasons Why You Should Work With A Specialist Agency

1. Resources The affiliate channel is not a bolt on channel. You will not start getting sales immediately just because you open a program. Rather, ...
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Publishers: Get seen by Advertisers!

In the good old days - 10-15 years back (showing my age!) the process of partnerships between publishers and advertisers in the affiliate channel tended ...
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Banks as Publishers – Is That an Option?

How working with financial institutions can boost your sales and bring invaluable brand exposure Big banks, whether local or international, are generally among the most ...
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