ToolsGPT by Bybit

ToolsGPT by Bybit

In this age of AI, Crypto exchange Bybit has just released a new AI tool to answer your Crypto questions - ToolsGPT.

This new toold allows you to ask detailed questions about the crypto markets and provides some suggested questions to get you started as well. The types of questions you can ask vary widely. Some examples of questions for ToolsGPT include,

  • Recommend me a few Crypto trading strategies in the current market situation
  • Considering the RSI and MACD technical indicators, what is the forecast for the future trend of BTC?
  • Make a brief report of ETH, analyzing the price movement based on technical analysis such as Bollinger Bands.

As can be seen, the range and detail levels of questions span a great range, making it a great ool whether you are new to crypto or an experienced trader.

You can see ToolsGPT here

If you do not yet have a bybit account, you can sign up for that here

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ToolsGPT Disclaimer:

1. ToolsGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) bot based on the GPT-3.5 model and its responses are not affiliated with or endorsed by Bybit.

2. Any investment-related advice provided by ToolsGPT should not be considered as Bybit's official recommendation or guidance.

3. For inquiries or support related to Bybit's business, products, or services, kindly reach out to Bybit's Customer Support team.

4. Users are advised to adhere to local laws and regulations when engaging in any discussions or sharing content within the chat platform.


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